Friday, August 15, 2008

Family Pictures

I'm having photo paralysis. There are so many cute pictures, I just can't pick which other ones to post. Where's a slide show applet when you need one?

Of course, the other pictures would be individuals. There can be only one good family shot (if you're lucky). I'm pretty sure that's a rule. And this one is good only because my mad Photoshop skillz came through this time.

Kid Updates

Do you know the boys in my class? {No, I only know a few of the girls. Which boy is cutest?} I like Michael. {Is he nice?} Yeah. Well, but he doesn't really play with me. But he is young and looks handsome.
Good thing she's got her priorities straight.
Make sure I have a shirt for Spirit Day. Otherwise, I'm the only one who doesn't and it's embarrassing!
Goodness. Already? Although she does have a point. The past two weeks when I've dropped her off on Friday, there has been a sea of school shirts. Seriously, I think I could count on one hand the kids who didn't have one. Poor Sarah. She will go to school tomorrow properly attired and hopefully unembarrassed.


Spent the first two or three days of school asking every 15 minutes when Sarah was coming home. Then the light bulb went on. If Sarah's not home, he gets to pick all the movies to watch and gets all the turns on the computer. He's still ready for her to come home by 2:30, but he's enjoying being the oldest at home for a little while.

I love watching his brain work too. He asks some interesting questions...which I can't remember right now, of course. He's figuring things out all the time.


Girly girl. I don't know where she's gotten this obsession, but she is into toiletries every chance she gets. I thought I'd succeeded in convincing her that deodorant is not chapstick, and then I caught her putting it in her hair today. It's progress, I guess. She does love her "chappie" though.

My little singer can sing a good portion of the song "The Call" from the Prince Caspian soundtrack. (I think we may have listened to it a few times or something.) She just grins when she does it too. Her verbal skills are a runaway train these days. Tonight she was stringing words together to make complete thoughts if not quite sentences.
Seepy? {It's not quite time for bed. Did you want to go for a walk?} Walk. Walk...back, seepy.
Yes, when we get back from the walk it will be time for bed.