Thursday, June 28, 2007

School Woes

So, Sarah's on a waiting list for the local charter school kindergarten. It's not looking likely at this point. Our district says no dice on early enrollment. The other nearby school in a different district has already passed the open enrollment deadline (even if they'd consider early enrollment, which they might not). I've heard that the Accelerated Pre-K class at the Early Childhood Center is still just glorified daycare. So my options...try for a charter school in town and drive a whole lot (if I could even get her in at this late stage) or see if I can still get her into the other district's preschool. Or home school...or co-op group...but she really needs something outside home and structured. What to do...what to do... Hmph. I hate being the grown up.

By the way, I was curious about Sarah's reading, since she's doing so well (she read an entire chapter book yesterday...8 or 9 chapters worth). So I looked up some online assessments. I tried her out on this one and this one. It appears she's decoding at level 5.5 (fifth month of fifth grade). I tried her out on the 4th grade reading and comprehension, and she answered 7/12 multiple choice correctly. (There were short and long answer questions too, but I didn't have her do those.) I'm going to try the 2nd grade test, which has only multiple choice, next.

On the other hand, I have a co-op group for Noah lined up for the fall.

*Update: She aced the 2nd grade level. 12/12.

The Latest

Yay! I got all the kids to sit still and smile at the same time!

Karen can sit (and play Uno, apparently), clap her hands, and drink from a sippy cup.

Sarah has been on a crusade to catch one of the lizards in our back yard. She finally caught a little one. She kept it in a water bottle for a while then let it go home.

Arms full of dart guns and fists full of binkies. What else does a boy need?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sarah's Testimony

Last week, when Sarah realized that we were having Testimony Meeting at Church, she got very excited. The past few months, she's been telling me her testimony a lot. So, she wanted to go up, but I couldn't go with her this time because Karen was fussing and Noah was being crazy with a metal car and the metal chairs. She said she would go herself, so I said she could. She wanted to write down her testimony in case she got scared or forgot. I figured it would probably be okay, once in a while. So she started writing, but it was taking her longer than she could wait, so she had me finish writing for her.

She took her paper and started walking up the aisle (we were in the back). She started forward, then turned back, then turned forward again and walked a little farther... She stopped in the aisle next to a friend's family, talked to his mom, then sat right there in the aisle. The mom decided to go up to the stand. When Sarah saw her up there, she got up and went up too and sat by her.

When she was done she hurried back to me. I asked her if it was a little scary, and she said, "No. There are just a lot of strangers."

Here's the testimony she dictated (her spelling intact):

"I bLEV TET THE SAVioR DiED FOR US and that I believe that I should love one another and love God and keep his commandments and do the things that are right. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Crazy boy Noah

Earlier this week, Noah made the following observation in the car: "I can't unbuckle my seat because then I would fly out the window and then there would be no more Noah to sit in his seat." Yes. Good idea.

While we were waiting for Daddy after Church today, we were sitting on a couch in the foyer.Noah stood up and tried to jump on the couch, and when I stopped him, I started to say, "Jumping on the couch can hurt the couch. We don't want to hurt the couches in Heavenly Father's house..." At which point, he jumped in to say, " would make Jesus cry, like this Uhhhuhuhuhuh (really fake crying) like a baby." Ummm. Yes, yes it would. Sure...whatever stops the jumping on the couch...

This afternoon, he poured ice water over Karen's head. I don't know what possesses him sometimes. I don't usually resort to retaliatory consequences, but in this case, I had Rich get some water to pour on Noah's head (just a little) while I comforted Karen. Noah didn't like it, but he wasn't particularly traumatized or anything. He did say he wouldn't do it again (without his usual smirk that says..."until you're not looking").

And he took an hour and a half to get him to bed tonight. That is SO frustrating. He just gets out everytime I put him back. And then he hits me! Grrr. And he talks back in the worst way:

"Stay in bed or I'll have to put your cup in time out."

"I will get it out."

"No, I'll put it up high where you can't reach."

"Then I will use the sword to knock it down."

"Well, then we will have to put the sword in time out too."

"I will get it out too."

"Then maybe we should just get rid of the sword."

"In the big garbage outside?"


"I will knock over the cars and get it back."

"Just go to bed."

"Hee hee hee!" *runs away*

Grrr....then Mommy says to Daddy "I'm gonna knock that boy out. With Benadryl or something." Except that I wouldn't. Besides the fact that we don't have any, I'm not sure it would have the desired effect. Not that I'd consider it anyway...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Swimming lessons

Sarah and Noah are both in level 1; Karen is in Mom & Tot.

Day 1: Sarah did everything the teacher asked and had a blast. Noah stood by the side of the pool and watched, finally consenting to sit on the edge and kick his feet in the water. Karen cried and fussed half the time. When we moved around a lot, she settled down. About the last 5 minutes she'd had it and was starving (I didn't time it well), so she screamed and tried to eat my shoulder. SO I have two nice hickeys now.

Day 2: Sarah took off again and told me she dunked all by herself. Noah sat on the edge the whole time, kicking his feet, and he allowed the teacher to splash water on his swim trunks. It was pretty windy, so Karen was freezing cold, shivering and screaming until she fell asleep for the rest of the lesson.

Day 3: Sarah floated, "flew," and dunked again. Noah did a repeat of Day 2. Karen stopped screaming after warming up a bit and actually did really well. She even dunked under the water at the very end with minimal crying.

Day 4: Sarah and some others in her class made a "train" holding on to the edge of the pool and traveling all along the edge. Noah: repeat. Karen fussed but then had fun 'swimming' after a ball. She also blew bubbles, sorta. Then she fell asleep again. And we accidentally left her binky by the side of the pool. Nuts.

Overall, the kids did pretty well. At least Noah stayed with his class and cooperated with his intructors, even if he didn't want to get in the water. So, we went to Dairy Queen for a treat this afternoon after lunch.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sarah's Dance Recital

Sarah had fun with her dance recital (in May). The dress rehearsal went okay. For a class of 3- and 4-year-olds, they were mostly in control.

Sarah did well following their class helper (an older dancer).

When we got to the actual recital, however, Sarah spent more time peering into the dark auditorium trying to find us and waving in several directions, just in case, than she did paying attention to her dancing. Oh well.
She loved...
dressing up,

and being back stage,

and being on stage, and performing, that's what really counts.

Preschool "Graduation"

The class met at the ''safari" park nearby. We signed mini "yearbooks," had a potluck picnic, played games (including a pillowcase sackrace),

and got "diplomas."

I'm bad.

Has it really been a month since I updated? And then I go on a posting spree...

Karen really likes playing with Sarah in her bouncer.

Karen helps Daddy with the laundry. Noah plays Don Quixote, complete with helmet and lance.

The kids play hard and wear themselves out some days.

All dressed up for Church.

Family Resemblance, part 6

I'm grumpy

I'm getting a repetitive stress injury in my index finger from mousing. We've switched the mouse over to left hand, but it's a pain in the ...neck. It's like trying to write left-handed.