Monday, March 28, 2011

Disneyland by Text Message

Running commentary on Disneyland between my sister "Fav" (short for Favorite Aunt) and me. I would have included others...if any of them had texted me back!

MK: On the road yet?
SC: Yes, just getting ice.
MK: Yay!
SC: Wave as we drive by . . . . :)

MK: ! You aren’t stopping for pizzookies?

SC: Sorry. If we stop, we’ll be there a little while. It’ll already be after midnight when we get there.

MK: Fine. But tell your kids Fav made them pizzookies, but Mean Mommy won’t stop.

SC: I’ll do that.

MK: Kids too excited to sleep?

MK: Are you there yet?

SC: Guess how many times we’ve heard that one so far?

MK: 83?

SC: Close.

MK: Nice.


SC (at 1 a.m.): We are all TOO excited!


MK: Yay! I assume kids are up now, ready to go?

MK: Gisneyland! Take pictures for Fav!

SC: They were most definitely up.
MK: :) Are they too excited? Tell them Fav says you can’t eat too much sugar on vacation.

SC: I don’t think they need any sugar.

MK: Of course you don’t. You are the Mommy.

SC: Gah. We went the wrong way down Harbor.

MK: You are stealing gisneyland time from your children.

SC: We’ll just miss part of our early hour.


MK: What’s the plan for today? Princess line?

SC: Sat. for princesses. Rides today.

SC: I think that Tangled ride is actually where you meet the characters, not a ride at all.

MK: Awe. Too sad. For you I mean. Karen must be psyched!

SC: She says she’s tired from walking. Bad news Karen.

MK: Carry her!

SC: :|


MK: Are you waiting in line for something?

SC: Nemo sub. We’re on now.

MK: Yay! That’s the best one!
SC: I think they’re all the best one.

MK: And only a few hours wait for each one.

SC: Pulling Mommy’s hair is hilarious!

MK: Oh good! Caleb got my text!

SC: Yeah he did.

MK: Give him more sugar and he will stop.

MK: I mean, after he crashes into a sugar coma that is.

SC: I don’t think that’s true. It sounds like a trick.

MK: Worth a try?


MK: Kids tired of Disneyland yet?

SC: Karen was scared of the Mansion.

SC (from Pirates ride): Dang. All the rides are creepy. Poor Karen.
MK: Even Caleb liked Mansion. Has she liked any yet?

SC: She likes parts.

MK: What’s her favorite so far?

SC: She says it will be tea cups. We’ll see. They might be creepy.

MK: :)

SC: Casey Jr Train was too fast and scary. Giving tea cups a whirl.

SC: Official verdict on tea cups: they’re really fast and I like them. :)

MK: All the kids?
SC: Well, Karen and Sarah. Noah didn’t want to go. I traumatized Sarah on TMR.

SC: Mmm overpriced food.

MK: Sarah was bragging about space mountain and she was scared of TMR?

SC: After that she decided not to do space mountain either.

MK: But she’s done it before! Well, at least make her do Tower of Terror. Tell her even Fav did, and Fav’s a wimp.

SC: She says Fav is not a wimp, and yes, she’s still going on it. Probably.

MK: Tell her it’s okay, I’m a self proclaimed wimp.

SC: She says "Whatever."


MK: They still having fun or getting tired
SC: Noah wants to be done. I think the rest are still okay.

MK: Poor Noah. What are you guys doing now?

SC: In line for Peter Pan. Caleb likes waving at boats.

MK: Just don’t let him touch the butt.


MK: Disneyland Day 2!

SC: You mean CA.

MK: Ah. Kids like it as much?
SC: Doesn’t open for half hour. Getting in line for color show.

MK: Nice!

MK: Film it on your fancy phone for me.

SC: They let us in early. Yay! Wait, how did you know I stole your fancy phone?

MK: Yay for early!

MK: Was it cause you have annoying kids?

SC: Well, mostly because I’m pushy. :)

MK: So they let only you in early?

SC: No, everyone. :) To get the fast passes. Rides aren’t running yet.

MK: Did you ditch the kids yet?

SC: Planning to.

MK: Holly says make Sarah go on that rafting one.
SC: She already knows about that one.

MK: Dang. Tell her Fav went on it, and Fav’s a wimp.

SC: She does not believe you. "For the last time, Fav is not a wimp."

MK: I’m not? I’m going to have to rethink my whole life now.

SC: It’s raining. My hair is going to look awesome.

MK: It’s always raining in CA. Is it cold too? Holly says you should do dredlocks.


MK: So, back at the hotel with kids in bed yet?
SC: Just got back from World of Color. In the pouring rain. The kids loved the rain so much. :|


MK: Day 3! Yay!

SC: Happy Birthday to Caleb!

MK: Yay! Give him candy for breakfast. He earned it.

MK: Also, are you having a birthday party for him Monday that I’m not invited to?

MK: It’s like you don’t want me mailing him a giant box of candy!

SC: You’re invited. Also I gave him a Swedish fish for breakfast. :)

MK: It feels like a pity invite now.

SC: You were always invited. You’re Fav. It goes without saying.

MK: You didn’t even tell me about it. I had to hear about it from Emily.

SC: Didn’t I? Huh.

MK: Well, since it’s Monday, I can’t make it. But be assured he will be getting an awesome birthday present next time I’m down.

SC: K :)


MK: So, kids didn’t like sitting in the cold rain last night?

SC: Noooo. And they made sure we did not forget that fact.

MK: :) Poor kids. Did they each need their own blanket?


(Sarah is obviously too cool for princesses)

MK: So, how about those princesses?

SC: Ariel and Tiana first. Then Rapunzel. Karen was shy with Flynn there.

MK: Was he smoldering?
SC: :) He liked the picture we brought for him to sign. They got his nose right.

MK: Did Karen draw them a picture?

SC: I printed one at home.

MK: Also, Holly and I are doing a Star Wars marathon. So we’ll have to do a different marathon when you visit.

SC: Twilight?!

MK: Done.


MK: So, kids ready to come home now?

SC: Rich tricked me into taking Caleb to see princesses all day.

MK: I thought that was your idea.
MK: So you could get princess birthday pictures to blackmail him with later.


MK: Holly says to tell Caleb “BIGGIE BIGGIE BIGGIE!”

SC: I’ll pass on the message. Dude. It is SNOWING on I8.

SC: Why did you send us this way GPS? Why? Why does it hate us?

Smartboys Club book series

From my SIL's sister (who is the author):

I'm excited to announced the first ever Smartboys Club Blog Fest to celebrate the release of Bees in My Butt in paperback. Everyone who participates will get the first 4 Smartboys Club books for free as ebooks and a coupon code to buy the paperback Bees in My Butt for only $3 instead of the list price of $6.99. In addition, for every hundred people that join us in the blog fest we'll have a drawing to give away a Kindle.
For details on how to participate, visit the Wonder Realms Books website. I look forward to seeing you there.
Take Monkey, a literary genius with flatulence; Bean, a science and math guru; Vinny, a computer whiz who can't keep her mouth shut; and Art, an artist who can shoot a basketball like a pro, confront them with a mess of fourth grade trouble, and watch the fun explode.
In Bees in My Butt, the first book of the Smartboys Club series, the members of the Smartboys Club use their skills to battle a group of crazed Ninjas that take over the school. And it happens on a day when Monkey has the worst case of flatulence imaginable.

I'm reading my ebook copy and will post a review soon. Sounds along the lines of Captain Underpants. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Warrior Karen

Karen attempts to stand still and centered while Wii Fit checks her out. Measuring...measuring...

And the warrior girl is unleashed!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Homework already?

I let Sarah type a report on my netbook since Noah was using the big computer. The next morning after the kids went to school, Karen insisted she had some homework to do.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letter of the Law

Karen made Caleb a necklace, but I told her she couldn't tie things around his neck. Here is the clearly logical solution - tape it to him. As least it's not tied...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah had two parties. Peter Piper:

10 kids...crazy fun.

And Nana's house:
He enjoyed getting his Wii target shooting game and robotic bugs. He's officially 6!

Drat! Out of focus!

Spirit Week

A couple weeks ago was spirit week, and because I'm a good mom, I helped the kids dress up.

Monday, Hippie Day
Sarah came home from school and informed me that she wasn't actually a hippie. She was a flower child. And the peace sign is called "the rooster claw." Okay, whatever. I'm a child of the 80's.

The crazy hair day was fun to do. She looked cute. Albeit, crazy.

Noah is a minimalist. A peace sign and hair spikes were enough for him. I offered a vest, headband, Koolaid hair dye...but no.

The other days were less exciting - pajama day, sports day, and...something else less exciting.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In case there was any doubt...

I'm raising monkeys.

Cute gummy, smiley monkeys.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


As long as I'm on here...

More pictures!

Cute kids:

(See what happens when I try to be all arty? At least they're all smiling...)

Sarah excited for her first day of 3rd grade!

Noah tolerating pictures for first day of 1st grade:

(barely tolerating)

Karen and Caleb at home while the big kids are at school:

Rich cameo on the blog:

Just because I love sleeping babies: