Monday, March 28, 2011

Disneyland by Text Message

Running commentary on Disneyland between my sister "Fav" (short for Favorite Aunt) and me. I would have included others...if any of them had texted me back!

MK: On the road yet?
SC: Yes, just getting ice.
MK: Yay!
SC: Wave as we drive by . . . . :)

MK: ! You aren’t stopping for pizzookies?

SC: Sorry. If we stop, we’ll be there a little while. It’ll already be after midnight when we get there.

MK: Fine. But tell your kids Fav made them pizzookies, but Mean Mommy won’t stop.

SC: I’ll do that.

MK: Kids too excited to sleep?

MK: Are you there yet?

SC: Guess how many times we’ve heard that one so far?

MK: 83?

SC: Close.

MK: Nice.


SC (at 1 a.m.): We are all TOO excited!


MK: Yay! I assume kids are up now, ready to go?

MK: Gisneyland! Take pictures for Fav!

SC: They were most definitely up.
MK: :) Are they too excited? Tell them Fav says you can’t eat too much sugar on vacation.

SC: I don’t think they need any sugar.

MK: Of course you don’t. You are the Mommy.

SC: Gah. We went the wrong way down Harbor.

MK: You are stealing gisneyland time from your children.

SC: We’ll just miss part of our early hour.


MK: What’s the plan for today? Princess line?

SC: Sat. for princesses. Rides today.

SC: I think that Tangled ride is actually where you meet the characters, not a ride at all.

MK: Awe. Too sad. For you I mean. Karen must be psyched!

SC: She says she’s tired from walking. Bad news Karen.

MK: Carry her!

SC: :|


MK: Are you waiting in line for something?

SC: Nemo sub. We’re on now.

MK: Yay! That’s the best one!
SC: I think they’re all the best one.

MK: And only a few hours wait for each one.

SC: Pulling Mommy’s hair is hilarious!

MK: Oh good! Caleb got my text!

SC: Yeah he did.

MK: Give him more sugar and he will stop.

MK: I mean, after he crashes into a sugar coma that is.

SC: I don’t think that’s true. It sounds like a trick.

MK: Worth a try?


MK: Kids tired of Disneyland yet?

SC: Karen was scared of the Mansion.

SC (from Pirates ride): Dang. All the rides are creepy. Poor Karen.
MK: Even Caleb liked Mansion. Has she liked any yet?

SC: She likes parts.

MK: What’s her favorite so far?

SC: She says it will be tea cups. We’ll see. They might be creepy.

MK: :)

SC: Casey Jr Train was too fast and scary. Giving tea cups a whirl.

SC: Official verdict on tea cups: they’re really fast and I like them. :)

MK: All the kids?
SC: Well, Karen and Sarah. Noah didn’t want to go. I traumatized Sarah on TMR.

SC: Mmm overpriced food.

MK: Sarah was bragging about space mountain and she was scared of TMR?

SC: After that she decided not to do space mountain either.

MK: But she’s done it before! Well, at least make her do Tower of Terror. Tell her even Fav did, and Fav’s a wimp.

SC: She says Fav is not a wimp, and yes, she’s still going on it. Probably.

MK: Tell her it’s okay, I’m a self proclaimed wimp.

SC: She says "Whatever."


MK: They still having fun or getting tired
SC: Noah wants to be done. I think the rest are still okay.

MK: Poor Noah. What are you guys doing now?

SC: In line for Peter Pan. Caleb likes waving at boats.

MK: Just don’t let him touch the butt.


MK: Disneyland Day 2!

SC: You mean CA.

MK: Ah. Kids like it as much?
SC: Doesn’t open for half hour. Getting in line for color show.

MK: Nice!

MK: Film it on your fancy phone for me.

SC: They let us in early. Yay! Wait, how did you know I stole your fancy phone?

MK: Yay for early!

MK: Was it cause you have annoying kids?

SC: Well, mostly because I’m pushy. :)

MK: So they let only you in early?

SC: No, everyone. :) To get the fast passes. Rides aren’t running yet.

MK: Did you ditch the kids yet?

SC: Planning to.

MK: Holly says make Sarah go on that rafting one.
SC: She already knows about that one.

MK: Dang. Tell her Fav went on it, and Fav’s a wimp.

SC: She does not believe you. "For the last time, Fav is not a wimp."

MK: I’m not? I’m going to have to rethink my whole life now.

SC: It’s raining. My hair is going to look awesome.

MK: It’s always raining in CA. Is it cold too? Holly says you should do dredlocks.


MK: So, back at the hotel with kids in bed yet?
SC: Just got back from World of Color. In the pouring rain. The kids loved the rain so much. :|


MK: Day 3! Yay!

SC: Happy Birthday to Caleb!

MK: Yay! Give him candy for breakfast. He earned it.

MK: Also, are you having a birthday party for him Monday that I’m not invited to?

MK: It’s like you don’t want me mailing him a giant box of candy!

SC: You’re invited. Also I gave him a Swedish fish for breakfast. :)

MK: It feels like a pity invite now.

SC: You were always invited. You’re Fav. It goes without saying.

MK: You didn’t even tell me about it. I had to hear about it from Emily.

SC: Didn’t I? Huh.

MK: Well, since it’s Monday, I can’t make it. But be assured he will be getting an awesome birthday present next time I’m down.

SC: K :)


MK: So, kids didn’t like sitting in the cold rain last night?

SC: Noooo. And they made sure we did not forget that fact.

MK: :) Poor kids. Did they each need their own blanket?


(Sarah is obviously too cool for princesses)

MK: So, how about those princesses?

SC: Ariel and Tiana first. Then Rapunzel. Karen was shy with Flynn there.

MK: Was he smoldering?
SC: :) He liked the picture we brought for him to sign. They got his nose right.

MK: Did Karen draw them a picture?

SC: I printed one at home.

MK: Also, Holly and I are doing a Star Wars marathon. So we’ll have to do a different marathon when you visit.

SC: Twilight?!

MK: Done.


MK: So, kids ready to come home now?

SC: Rich tricked me into taking Caleb to see princesses all day.

MK: I thought that was your idea.
MK: So you could get princess birthday pictures to blackmail him with later.


MK: Holly says to tell Caleb “BIGGIE BIGGIE BIGGIE!”

SC: I’ll pass on the message. Dude. It is SNOWING on I8.

SC: Why did you send us this way GPS? Why? Why does it hate us?