Sunday, April 29, 2007


You know you miss these exciting project updates.

Monday the kids emptied a good portion of a gallon of milk and what was left of the chocolate milk all over the family room carpet. They also dumped the Sunny D all over the kitchen floor. I called Rich at work to commiserate, and he just came home early (it was around 4) to help clean up. He mopped the kitchen while I steam cleaned the carpet.

Twice this week, Noah got into some open #10 cans of rice, instant milk, and powdered eggs. He thought it was really funny to mix them and throw handfuls on the floor. Did you know that powdered eggs don't vacuum very well? They're kinda...sticky. Ewww, yuck.


Awesome Mom said...

Maybe you should have saved it so he could eat it lol

Ginger said...

Shannon, you are a more patient mommy than I am. If my boys did that they'd probably STILL be sitting in time-out.