Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

So, here's my big girl. 6 years old.

The cake was all her idea. It's supposed to be a castle with a ballroom on the roof.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Just before Fall Break, they had Spirit week at school. Magic Monday was fun with fairy wings, Twin Tuesday was typical jeans and T-shirt like her friend Abby, Wacky Wednesday had clothes on backward and a side ponytail, and Pajama Thursday was pretty darn easy. So, we weren't the most elaborate participants, but we did it.

This is from Hippie Friday. Who has child-sized hippie stuff? We made do, and she looks like she could totally be a flower child...

Here's her quarter-end school project, a desert shadow box. She did everything herself (except cut the box opening). My favorite part is the pipe cleaner ocotillo.


Anne/kq said...

I love the diorama! She looks so BIG.

Jenni said...

The Cinderella recreation is stunning. Go, Mom!

She's sure cute!

Holly K said...

Wait, does she have earrings in that last picture? And... make up??

Mean Mommy said...

What's your point? She is 6 now.