Saturday, July 07, 2007

Karen - 8 months

What a cuddly-boo.

Kind of artsy, but I like it.

A lot of the special prints they put together are kinda generic, but they're getting better with the switch to all digital at Penney's. I actually really like this one. If they weren't charging an arm and a leg for them, I'd probably have ordered one.

You know the funny thing? With all digital pictures, they're taking more shots per session...but I'm spending less money. See, before there would be 8-10 shots or so, and I'd think, "Well I don't like this one as much, so I'll just get a sheet of smaller pictures." Then I'd order some larger pictures of my favorites. Now there are twice as many pictures, so my mind set changed. I just know up front that I can't order everything, so I just pick my favorites and order those. They also raised the prices on the extra prints they offer when you go to pick them up, so I'm not buying those anymore either. Yay for aggressive, money-grubbing marketing that saves me money!


Awesome Mom said...

Harry is quite taken with those pictures. I think he is smitten.

Anonymous said...

I like the artsy one the best. I really do.