Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Spirit

We're feeling the Spirit of Christmas around our house!

We have a little Christmas Elf. She's getting good at repeating things, so today I got her saying "Ho, ho, ho." It was pretty funny.

The kids have been making all kinds of lists and letters to Santa. Noah's top choice is Motorcycles with Hot Wheels. Sarah is pretty consistent on a new dress and a new bike (her old one is getting small for her). Karen wants "this!" or maybe "eyes - beep!" (Apparently 'eyes' is easier to say than 'nose.')

And Sarah is absolutely smitten with the song "Born on Christmas Day" by Brad Paisley. I don't know if it's because the recording on his CD starts with him singing as a 13-year-old, or if she just genuinely likes the song. In any case, she knows all the words, and requests it on all occasions (Primary sharing time, Primary activity day, Family Home Evening).

Christmas music, Christmas shopping, Christmas cookies, Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, Christmas crafts... We are so there.


Anne/kq said...

Love the pic of Sarah!

Emma wants skates from Santa. Bridget wants a new baby doll. Done. (They know that Santa only brings one gift a piece at our house.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it beats the list our oldest gave us. Laptop, PSP, Wii, GameBoy Advance, candy, make-up, etc. And she KNOWS about Santa.

I think she's nuts.

Mean Mommy said...

Fun. We do more than 1 gift, and probably do go a little overboard...but money goes so much farther buying for small kids.

When I start getting lists like that, Jennifer, I'll know we're in trouble. ;)

By the way, I saw somewhere a guide for writing Santa to get what you want: Ask for 1. A pony, 2. A little brother/sister, 3. What you really want. Guaranteed to work everytime.