Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Token Project Lament

The cute pictures have kind of taken over this blog's original mission statement. So here's the token update on the crazy stuff the kids get into.

Karen: Her latest display of displeasure is smacking herself in the face. As in "Do what I want now, or I will hurt myself again!" And she loves crawling all around the house (eating any goodies she find along the way) and finding any shelf or cupboard within reach. I'm sure you know what follows.

Noah: The little turkey pulled my knitting needle out of a pair of gloves I was making and used it to dig in the rocks outside. So, not only do I have to start over on the glove (I just can't pick up never looks right afterward), but I had to use plier to straighten the poor little mutilated needle tip. And it will never knit smoothly again. :( Then I discovered he's also been using a stick to whack the leaves off all my plants in the backyard. The ones that the frost didn't get. :|

Sarah: Nothing too destructive on this front. Mostly just lots of back talk. Oooh, does she know how to push buttons. The worst project lately has been flooding the bathroom floor with water. Could be worse.


Awesome Mom said...

Lol! I use wooden knitting needles, so they would have been broken beyond repair. It is funny how they have a million toys yet they have to play with my knitting stuff.