Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vacation in Utah

The kids got to go sledding. For real. On a real hill, with real snow, and real sleds. Yippee!

Sarah was nervous to go down the hill at first,

but once down with Daddy, and she was sold.

She even went down headfirst.

Snow reflects her blue eyes nicely too.

Noah had no reservations about jumping on the sled for his turn. He liked driving the little red sled on his own too.

Karen observed for a while (check those blue eyes again!), then she consented to going for a ride with Daddy.

It's a good thing our Utah relatives had coats to share because it was cold, and our pansy Arizona coats probably would not have been enough.


Anonymous said...

"Pansy AZ coats" Hehehehehe. I understand, lol. Even our coats wouldn't work in Utah.