Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who's sneaky now?

So, I was planning ahead and everything by cutting up some veggies for dinner early in the afternoon while the kids where playing nicely instead of right before dinner when they go nuts. Karen was pulling on my leg wanting up, so I got her a chair to stand on so she could see what I was doing. She thought it was the greatest thing to grab pieces of pepper and mushroom to eat out of my bowl while I was working. I was telling her what a sneaky girl she was to be sneaking Mommy's food. Sarah wandered by asking, "What's she getting? I want some." Heh. My kids were happily eating veggies. Who's sneaky now? Ha!


Thomas said...

What a great bunch of kids you have. Great idea to let one kids play with you, draw the others into eating veggie. We are have a hard time getting my daughter Brenda to give veggies a try. She eats corn, but many other veggies. any ideas.

I have a blog at if you have any ideas. Thanks