Monday, March 10, 2008

Sarah at Disneyland

You know Disneyland is the little girl's fairy tale come true. And it's all about the princesses.

That long line waiting? Totally worth it. Sarah read Belle a story, chatted with Jasmine, and discussed hair with Cinderella. She was just eating up all the individual attention. Totally worth it.

She did mention that Ariel wasn't a real mermaid but someone dressed up.

It didn't stop her from telling Ariel that her favorite part of the movie was "When you got married." We all just love Happily Ever After. Don't you think?

And what goes better with Princesses than roller coasters? Sarah surprised us all by braving some faster rides--the Matterhorn, Space Mountain, and Indiana Jones. She said she wasn't scared about any of it, except the Abominable Snowman jumping out on the Matterhorn.


Anne/kq said...

She went on Indy? Wow, brave kid!

Mean Mommy said...

Yeah. The funny thing is that she was more worried about the fake booby trap signs along the line on the way in than the actual ride.

Although, I'm not sure how much she could actually see. The jeep seats in front of us are a bit high, and she couldn't see much over them. ;)