Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, my sister already blogged this, but it's double-blogworthy, I tell you.

We took the kids to McDonald's earlier in the week. On the way the kids were getting all excited about Happy Meals with "Happy Nuggets." The kids were disappointed that we were getting the food to go, however. Noah kept up a running, plaintive refrain of "Sad Nuggets" all the way back to Nana's house. Then the next day, he slipped on the tile floor and fell backward. He jumped up, shouting and half crying, "Butt!! Owie Nuggets!" Does it make me a mean mom that I laughed at his poor owie nuggets?

Also, I noticed yesterday that we had a box of generic Grape Nuts in the cupboard. They're called "Crunchy Nuggets." It made me laugh again.

And good gravy, where are all the pictures on this blog?? Sarah's dance recital coming up...when I get home from house sitting at Nana's.