Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Karen is such a fruitcake

I made chili tonight, and cooked some extra beans to freeze. After Karen ate half her chili, she told me she wanted 'more rice' and pointed at the cooling bowl of plain beans.

Me: Do you want more chili?
Karen: No, don't like it! (pointing again at the beans)
Me: Do you just want beans?
Karen: Yes.
Me: There are beans in the chili. See?
Karen: No! Don't like it!
Me: But here's just a plain bean.
Me: Fine, here's a bean from the bowl.
Karen: Don't like it!
Me: Wha? What did you want then?
Karen: Lots. On plate.
Me: Okay fine.

I gave her a spoonful in a little bowl, figuring we'd probably throw them out once she finished playing with them. She lifted the bowl up and poured them in her mouth and ate them. Plain unsalted beans. Gross. But I guess she knew what she wanted.


Anne/kq said...

That is so funny, and reminds me of many, many conversations I've had with Bridey. When they know what they want they know what they want!