Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm not dead yet!

Yes, the blog lives. It's just sadly neglected. What's a good excuse...? Er...we'll blame it on 'having a two-year-old.'

Speaking of two-year-olds... This was a fun project of Karen's. That's vegetable oil, with a healthy dose of olive oil, all over my kitchen floor. She was 'making a birthday cake for Mommy.' And then she realized that it was, in fact, a mess instead of a cake and she got some sponges and rags to clean it up. Points for effort Karen. But that was absolutely disgusting to clean up. The second picture shows how she's lived this long. She's so darn cute. (Especially wearing lots of chapstick all over her face.)

While Noah and Daddy were on the Father Son campout, and Karen was occupied with Blues Clues, Sarah got a sewing lesson. I helped make sure the fabric was straight a couple of times, and I did the square reenforcements on the straps for her, but other than that, she did it herself.

(Hint: It's a tote bag. Not a dress.)


Alisha said...

glad to see you are still alive! sorry for the olive oil mess, what a disaster

happy mommy said...

Oh, I just teared up a bit at all the your floor still a tad slippery?

They are cute little buggers. Saves them every time.