Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Noah didn't get an update on the previous post, so I'll just add a quick note.

Wow, I love this kid. He is so funny, and he thinks about interesting things. Lately, his fixation has been on quantifying everything. "How much is a minute?" "So, 10 minutes is 10 sixty seconds?" "How much is an hour?" "So it's sixty sixty seconds?" And 3 days from now is "tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow."

We've also been having interesting discussions about resurrection (When does it happen? Where will we live? When will we see people again?) and accountability ("If I'm bad right now, it doesn't really count, but if I keep being bad, when I get older I'll be used to being bad, and then I'll get in trouble.").

Today we were discussing a pending shopping trip. He wanted to know when we were going, and I wasn't sure. I told him it depended on how long it took to change Karen and get lunch and whether we'd have enough time before Sarah's school concert... Anyway. His response was "I'll take whatever is in life."


Jenn said...

What a cutie. He's pretty profound for such a little guy. :)