Monday, November 13, 2006

Drat that Harry Potter

Sarah is obsessed with potions. At 4 years old. And unfortunately, she realizes that there's not much Mommy can do to stop her while feeding the baby.

So, today while I was nursing Karen, Sarah and her henchman got out a dozen or so bottles of things from my bathroom sink and cupboards. While Sarah is mixing her potions, Noah is putting shimmery gold lotion hands all over my basket of clean laundry and down comforter...not to mention squeezing it all over the floor.

Granted, this is not much worse or different than the last dozen or so potion episodes (aside from the new loads of laundry this time). Obviously, the consequences I've been assigning have no meaning. She knows she's not supposed to even be IN my bathroom, but the tradeoff is apparently acceptable. And also she "forgot" she wasn't supposed to make potions.


ahem. said...

What darling children you have.

Anonymous said...

You could tell her that Harry and his friends are not supposed to make potions without a teacher watching them, and you will be her teacher. Let her pour juices from bottles to make a potion "punch" with your help. But of course, this special activity is contingent on her making potions ONLY when you are there to supervise. If she does it with the stuff in the bathroom, you will not help her make a "good" potion.

That's what I'd do, anyway.

Mean Mommy said...

Good suggestion--I may have to try that!