Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sarah's Testimony

Last week, when Sarah realized that we were having Testimony Meeting at Church, she got very excited. The past few months, she's been telling me her testimony a lot. So, she wanted to go up, but I couldn't go with her this time because Karen was fussing and Noah was being crazy with a metal car and the metal chairs. She said she would go herself, so I said she could. She wanted to write down her testimony in case she got scared or forgot. I figured it would probably be okay, once in a while. So she started writing, but it was taking her longer than she could wait, so she had me finish writing for her.

She took her paper and started walking up the aisle (we were in the back). She started forward, then turned back, then turned forward again and walked a little farther... She stopped in the aisle next to a friend's family, talked to his mom, then sat right there in the aisle. The mom decided to go up to the stand. When Sarah saw her up there, she got up and went up too and sat by her.

When she was done she hurried back to me. I asked her if it was a little scary, and she said, "No. There are just a lot of strangers."

Here's the testimony she dictated (her spelling intact):

"I bLEV TET THE SAVioR DiED FOR US and that I believe that I should love one another and love God and keep his commandments and do the things that are right. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."


Anne/kq said...

Very sweet. :)

Your ward allows kids to go up?

Mean Mommy said...

Yes. There aren't a whole lot that want to. Occasionally they make a reminder that kids should bear their own testimonies and not just repeat what parents or siblings tell them. But a little of that is okay too for some just learning how. The reminders are just if it gets excessive.

Anne/kq said...

That's nice for her. :)

My stake has a pretty strict ban on it.