Friday, October 19, 2007

More General Cuteness

Karen had fun at Sarah's birthday party. Napkins and pizza. What else does a girl need? Oh yes...a great hair do.

Noah was being crazy running wildly through the house one day, carrying a can opener. When he fell and cracked himself in the head, we had some excitement trying to get the bleeding to stop and clean up bloody hands. He was pretty happy about having a Spider-man Band-aid though.

This is the pre-crawling. She would get down and try to move around but kept that one foot out to anchor herself so she could sit back up.

Our home teacher took the kids out in his canoe as a treat for their birthdays. They loved it and didn't even drop the oars in.

A boy just can't fall asleep without his light sabers close at hand.

What do you think? Is Sarah big enough to hold Karen? They both seem to like it.


Damselfly said...

Oh, look at the cuteness! I can't decide which picture is cuter.