Monday, October 29, 2007

Random "About Me"

Just for fun, this is my refrigerator surface:

Top: Visiting Teaching Route, rose magnet, 2 dry erase markers, Domino's magnet, annual work/payday calendar, reward stickers, pictures of my in-laws (a niece and 3 families), a cutesy Relief Society magnet

Middle: Magnet clip (holding voter cards, gas bill, cash, & stamps), magnet frames (Sarah at 4 yrs, Noah at 2 yrs, all 3 kids last Dec.), picture of Sarah at 2 yrs., BYU magnet, picture of a niece, credit union magnet, Sarah's Primary program part, USAA insurance contact number magnet, clubhouse hours

Bottom: magnet hook holding (in-law) family calendar, emotion faces magnet, picture of kids for Father's Day 2006, dry erase square with outdated shopping list, blank shopping list notepad, #5 magnet, Babysitter notes/info sheet and emergency treatment release, rose magnet, cutesy tin magnet


Tyler, Amy and Kate Waterfall said...

I loved this post! It just gave me a fun glimpse into some of the many things you do and made me feel like I am not alone!