Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Karen: 18 months old!

Karen in her cute summer dress and sandals.

And, of course, her Cinderella phone.

Who is soooo adorable? Karen, that's who!

She is so cute in the sunglasses. She kept taking them off though.

Oooh. She has some good pouts. We see them a lot. Usually accompanied by "Noo!"

Sarah wanted to get in the picture too. She made the little yellow hair thing herself.
The second picture is "Give Sarah a kiss Karen!" When she doesn't want to give kisses, she offers you her cheek to kiss instead. Unless she pouts and says, "Noo!"


Jenn said...

Wow, it's gone so fast! I swear I JUST saw her as a newborn at Michael's wedding!

Martin said...

Such a cute little Kare Bear!

Awesome Mom said...

When Evan does not want to give someone a kiss he uses his head and ends up head butting the person (usually Harry). I have to specifically tell him to kiss with his lips.

Cute pictures! How did she get so big?