Friday, June 06, 2008

Sarah's Dance Recital

Sarah with dance friends Kiya and Jasmine.
And hamming it up outside before going backstage.

If you're up for a slightly longish video, here's the dress rehearsal (she's fourth in the line behind the teacher). Karen helped with sound effects a little toward the end:

It actually might have been better than the performace for Sarah, because during the performance, Sarah kept turning around to admire the fog coming from the machine at the back curtain.


Awesome Mom said...

Too cute!

Jenn said...

How CUTE! You know something funny? I clearly remember going to one of YOUR dance recitals, up in Clearfield, when you were about that age (maybe a little younger). You were in a black leotard and had your hair in a bun. I was... well... older... but even so, really jealous, because MY mom would never sign me up for dance, LOL!!

happy mommy said...

Ahhh...I have such a thing for dance recital pictures!

SOOO adorable.