Monday, August 20, 2007

Family Vacation, Part II

Zion Ponderosa:

Sarah got to go to kids camp twice from 9-5. She got to do tons of fun things, although she was very tired afterward. One day, Sarah and her 2 cousins were the only kids signed up. She LOVED the pony rides. She liked dressing up for the zip line, but when she got up on the landing it was just too high, and she didn't want to go down. She was a fair little climber though (I was bad letting her climb a couple rocks without the climbing gear on). And of course, spending time with Grandma and Grandpa was the whole reason for the trip.

Noah's official activities were riding in the jeep golf cart where Daddy helped him drive and going for pony rides. He was really proud of his accomplishment at reaching the rings at the playground. He enjoyed mini-activities at family "mini-kids camp" gatherings and hanging out with Daddy. He also loved all the animals at the petting zoo.

Karen mostly hung out with whoever wasn't actively doing something else. And played with her cousins.

Since I was the one with the camera most of the time, I'm not in many of our pictures, but here's one Rich took of me doing archery. I hit a couple of bulls-eyes, and shot the 'deer' in the neck. Rich almost made it to the very top of the climbing wall; me, not so much. Good thing there aren't any pictures of that embarrassing performance.

Our other activities included horseback riding (for me), zip line, swimming, hiking in Zion National Park, paintball (for Rich), and various miscellaneous camp activities.