Monday, August 20, 2007

Picking Fruit

We drove down to Willcox to Apple Annie's Orchard to pick some fruit last weekend. In addition to the fruit, we also enjoyed the apple-smoked burgers and homemade fresh peach ice cream.

Sarah was very independent about picking, and some of the peaches were low enough that Noah could pick some by himself.

Even Karen did some "picking."

We got lots of apples (Jonathan, McIntosh, and Gala), peaches, and Asian pears. I made apple pie and applesauce. My applesauce recipe overdosed on the lemon juice, so I ended up making it strawberry applesauce to balance out the sourness. If there are any apples left when I get around to it, I want to try making apple butter.

We may have to make this an annual tradition. Although hopefully next time we'll get there a little earlier in the day, since it was quite hot.


Anonymous said...

You were so smart to think of the strawberries! :)

That orchard looks like fun. We have one near us. I wonder if it had anything this year or if the drought killed it too. It's killed everything else.

I enjoyed the pictures. :-D

Mean Mommy said...

Yeah....amazing! It's just a genius whispered it in my ear. ;)