Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kid Updates

The kids all love to use Mommy's mp3 player. I just think it's hilarious that Karen will carry it slung over her shoulder with the armband. And she has to hold the ear buds up to her ears because they're too big for her bitty ears.

You know there's something wrong with the picture when the 20-month-old comes complaining "Diapey!" and requests a diaper change while the 3 1/2-year-old will wear a soggy diaper until it's dripping down his legs if I don't catch him first. He really has no interest in potty training. At all. He can do it. He will do it if bribed with a treat or something. But he just doesn't care, and ongoing rewards like sticker charts or big prizes or big kid underpants have no motivational power. Kids don't usually go to kindergarten wearing diapers, right?

And if I didn't know it already, I think this clinches it. We're in trouble.

The kids have almost filled the rewards jar (finally). Almost time for an outing to McD.

Sarah quoting Monsters, Inc. on why you don't leave the door open behind you: "It could let in a giraffe [draft]?"


Jenni said...

A giraffe? Oh, that's funny!

MyUtopia said...

awe, how cute! I wonder how my little one will be when it comes to potty training.

happy mommy said...

Ugh. All my boys were impervious to my pleas to use the bathroom, too.

"Please, don't you want super cool Power Ranger underpants?"

"No, not really."

Anne/kq said...

Hang in there!

Emma repeatedly replied when asked when she was going to train, "When I'm 4 1/2." We finally decided to just let her do it when she did it.

About two months after she turned 4 she started peeing in the potty. (She still hasn't mastered pooping, but as she says, she's "practicing to poop in the potty.")