Sunday, November 04, 2007


Here are the final pumpkins. Rich and I had pumpkins too, but they never got carved. They will become pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie instead.

And the final iterations of the kids' costumes before we went out the door. Noah and Karen just went around the block, then Sarah and I went out a little more.

Sarah really wanted to go see a talking skeleton decoration she'd seen before, so we walked over. Unfortunately, the talking one was turned off (probably too scary for little kids), but at the same house, someone was dressed as a skeleton and pretending to be a robotic decoration. He scared Sarah a little at first when he suddenly moved toward her, but then she wanted to go back and shake his hand. She was highly entertained.


ahem. said...

You're were so dedicated with the costumes. My kids will probably wear very lame things for Halloween. They'll end up begging you to make them cool ones once they see these pictures.

(Also, notice how I'm writing comments. It's 'cause I like you enough to sign into my blogger account everytime you blog. Happy?)

Mean Mommy said...

I did notice! I'm all warm fuzzies inside.

Maybe I'll save all the cool costumes for your kids to wear. Because no one is too cool to be a fairy.

Martin said...

Except Noah. He is just that cool.

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin with the pacifier made me laugh so hard!


Anne/kq said...

I love Karen with the pumpkin! Mine were Superman and Lois Lane this year (because Emma adores Superman and "Superman loves Lois.")