Monday, November 26, 2007

One of those milestones...

I suppose there has to always be a first time. First handful of sand in the mouth, first time getting knocked down, first lip cut on a tooth...

...first session of playing in the potty.

Gotta love it as you say "Ack! Ucky!" and that sweet face turns around grinning. She would pick one of the times Sarah forgot to flush too. But I'll count my blessings that she was just splashing, instead of squishing--or worse.

Update: We're just full of milestones today. I left all the kids playing in the family room to run to the bathroom for a couple minutes. When I came back, Karen was sitting ON the couch backward, one tip away from falling backward onto the floor on her head. I asked the kids how she got there, and Noah just said, "Oh, she climbed up there." And bless him, he's probably right. Man...she can't even walk, and we're in the climbing stage?

Update 2: I just found Karen up on Sarah's bed, and I know there's no way she climbed up there. I asked Sarah about it, and she said she lifted Karen on the bed because "she wanted up." I asked her again about the couch. "Oh yeah. She was pushing buttons on the TV, so I put her up there." So, no climbing, but we had to have a baby safety talk with Sarah.