Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Karen's Birthday

For Karen's actual birthday on Friday, we didn't do too much out of the way. We did sing "Happy Birthday" to her many times throughout the day. And it sounded like she was trying to say something like "birthday" at times. She got to open her cards from Grandparents, and she liked playing with the money. We had to take it away after a little while so it wouldn't get torn or eaten.

Her party was last night. She got a cake decorated like a stack of presents and, of course, her own personal #1 cake to demolish.

We went to Nana's house for dinner, which Karen enjoyed. She managed to get her whole serving of mashed potatoes in her mouth at once. When it came to cake-demolishing time, she was playing the little lady. She daintily picked the frosting bow off with two fingers and ate it. She did get one small handful of cake, but that was about all.

Moving on to presents, Karen was much more interested in playing with balloons than in opening anything. Sarah was happy to help out. Karen got a musical mirror toy, stacking cups, a toy xylophone 'piano,' some baby bubble bath, a stuffed rhino, and a tiny baby doll. She did give token hugs to the rhino and baby before going back to the balloons.

So Monday, after dinner, I gave Karen her cake to see if she'd eat any more. I'd gone in the other room for a second when I heard the plate hit the floor. When I went in to clean it up, I discovered the plate...but no cake. There was frosting on her face and hands, but no cake. She must have inhaled the thing. I'm glad she enjoyed it anyway.


Martin said...

I'm impressed. You are actually starting to blog about things within a week of their occurrence.

Mean Mommy said...

I know! Pretty good, huh?