Sunday, November 18, 2007


Did I mention we start Christmas early around here? I didn't actually think about Santa being at the mall already when we dropped by, but once there, he was not to be missed. Plus, it being his second day, there were NO lines. We walked right in. They had a really cute set up with a mailbox, powered by the North winds, to put letters or wishes (held in your hand) in, and soapy 'snow' blew out. They had a giant button with a dial to determine if you're naughty or nice (I forebore testing it on me). And they had Santa, of course. You know the whole fun set up was a ploy to sell us on the pictures taken at every step, but we got such a cute picture...

It would have been a wrench passing up the cute shots of surprise at the snow and concern over the nice outcome...but the prices really were highway robbery.


happy mommy said...

What a great picture!! I love it!